Wings on the Walk of Fame

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

I took a walk Sunday afternoon and took a couple pictures. Since Hollywood is incredibly close by for me, I’ve decided to use as many resources available to me as possible.

The above picture is Clara Bow’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Once the biggest star in Hollywood, now her star is in the driveway that leads out of the Chase Bank at Sunset and Vine. Every day, cars drive over her star while their drivers do not notice nor care. It’s not a fitting legacy for Clara Bow.

Buddy Rogers

Next up, I went searching for Charles “Buddy” Rogers’ star on the Walk of Fame. Buddy was the lead star of Wings and carried the movie the whole way, brilliantly playing the main protagonist Jack.

Buddy’s location is a bit more depressing than Clara’s. On Hollywood Blvd, past two abandoned buildings and in front of Pep Boys sits his star.  A half of a block down is where the Walk of Fame ends. So, basically, it’s the ass end of the Walk of Fame.

Like anything in this town, you have to fork out the big bucks to get noticed. Not every actor, director, producer, etc. can’t have their star in front of the Kodak Theater. The rest of the poor schmucks get to be in front of the Popeye’s Chicken, one of the many Scientology centers in Hollywood and, yes, the Pep Boys.

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